Yolanda Verdugo

47 Años

Ejido Francisco Villa (Campo 60)

Yolanda is a wife and mother of a family, she works in a home based. Yolanda tells us that she always wanted to learn pastry, however, attending her business did not leave her much time to prepare herself, and there was not a place nearby where they taught this type of class. A friend recommended her to attend the courses that were given in  Community Center Valle del Yaqui and it was here where she could learn different pastry courses.

For Yolanda the Community Center is a place that provides well-being to families in rural communities. She comments that she would like all the people in her community to discover the benefits and development opportunities that this place offers.

“I feel very grateful for the opportunity I have had to learn what I like most and I am especially grateful for belonging to a place like the Community Center because they have brought us programs that we never thought would be available to us.”

Currently, Yolanda bakes and sells cakes in her house. She has a special refrigerator to display her products with the slogan “We will always have a cake ready for you”.

Zulema Yaneth Gastélum Avilés

31 Años de edad

Ejido Plutarco Elías Calles (La Y Griega)

Zulema is a young mother who came to the Community Center in search of opportunities to help her achieve her dreams and change her life. Before this, she was a day laborer who had to face the hard work of the countryside in order to provide financial support to her family.

Since she was young, she was attracted to the beauty sector, and her family encouraged her to prepare in this area. It was for this reason that upon learning about the courses offered by the La Y Griega Community Center, she decided to register with Belleza. During her stay in the Community Center she learned dye application techniques, haircut and makeover, and later completed a specialty and opened her own business called D’ZULEMA’S SALÓN.

 “If La Y Griega Community Center was not there, I could never have had the fortune to achieve my dream, and as I took advantage of the opportunities offered by Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. I would like for many more people to get ahead through their programs. “

Vianney Moreno Reyes

10 Años de edad

Ejido Francisco Mina (Campo 60)

Vianney is a 10-year-old girl who from an early age was interested in music, especially in singing. Her mother says that she spends her time singing but that she had never found a place nearby to take her to classes, until they heard that in Valle del Yaqui Community Center a singing program was offered.

This was the opportunity Vianney was waiting for.

“I knew I could sing but when I found out that there were singing classes at the Community Center, I got excited and asked my mom to take me.”

Vianney’s parents are happy with the results they have seen in their daughter, she was a very shy girl before and now she feels very confident standing up in front of an audience. She has participated in different Bácum’s governamental events, and in different cultural ones in Ejido Primero de Mayo and El Campo 104.

“I feel very happy because I can sing in front of my friends and I always recommend the Community Center because it is a very nice place where you meet many people and discover your talent.”

Ángel Eduardo Álvarez Espinoza

18 Años de edad

Ejido Primero de Mayo (Campo 77)

Angel is an excellent sportsman and his dream has always been to be one of the best soccer players. Valle del Yaqui Community Center has helped him a lot in his training as an athlete but above all in his personal growth. Before he heard of Community Center he spent most of his time with his friends on the streets and did not do any profitable activities. 

He heard that Community Center offered many sports programs and since then he has enroled in baseball, athletics and, finally, soccer. Ángel has had the opportunity to belong to third division teams like Cuervos de Tijuana, Los Delfines de Guadalajara and Tequilero de Guadalajara. 

“I feel very happy for the opportunities I have had in the sport that I am most passionate about, thanks to Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. for lending their facilities where I had the opportunity to start with my passion”.

Ángel is currently looking to finish his high school studies so he can train and be part of a first division team. He constantly guides his neighbors to look for what he found in the Community Center.

María de la Paz García López

58 Años de edad

Ejido el Coyote

María de la Paz is the mother of two children. Together they have gone through very difficult economic situations. Because of her age, work opportunities have been almost nul. Despite the adversities, María decides to find a way to generate income on her own and decides to enroll in the Pastry Training Courses at the La Y Griega Community Center.

She says she has benefited a lot from taking these courses, and is now able to provide for her family.

Currently, María de la Paz works as a Pastry instructor at La Y Griega Community Center, and she has found much more than a job here. Sharing her knowledge and skills with her students fills her with satisfaction, the Community Center is a source of inspiration. 

“It is an honor to be part of the Community Center as an instructor of the pastry specialty. The community would not be the same if we did not have the Community Center that benefits many rural communities.

Jesús Antonio Ferré Flores

19 Años de edad

Ejido Primero de Mayo (Campo 77)

Jesús Antonio “Shock” is a very committed person with Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. From a very young age, he started volunteering at summer camp, sharing his musician skills with the youngest children. He saw the opportunity to train himself in the programs that Valle del Yaqui Community Center offered.

Before starting his practices, Jesús Antonio worked in the city playing his guitar on trucks to pay for his high school studies. Once he began his training in the Barbershop area, with the help of the skills learned, he started his own business. Currently Jesus is still an active guitar volunteer for children at the Community Center.

Jesús Antonio has shown that with much work and dedication everything can be achieved, and for that reason he is one of the earners of a University Scholarship to study Industrial Psychology. He hopes that upon finishing his career he will be able to give back to his community a little of what he been given at Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck AC.

“I am very happy with everything I have achieved through the Foundation, I was able to start my own business, I have the opportunity to study what I like and above all I can dedicate myself to teaching guitar to children who, like me, grow with limitations”.

Gladis Cecilia Cervantes Cerritos

33 Años de edad

Poblado Plutarco Elías Calles (La Y Griega)

Gladis is wife and mother of five years-old María, the motor that drives her to fight and improve day by day. Gladis had a difficult childhood, with economic deficiencies and family difficulties. She is currently part of the steering committee of parents at kindergarten “Tati”, where María attends preschool, and is in charge of the school´s store. Institution where the prevention programs of the Community Center are developed: “School for Parents; Child Behavior Care for Positive Parenting”.

“Nobody is born as a parent, we have a great responsibility educating our children. Sometimes we do not know how to act, what to do, or how to treat them, but we have the commitment and responsibility to answer these questions, informing us, taking advantage of these chats that guide us and give us tools for the education of our children. ”

“Thanks to the Community Center for bringing these programs to schools, they are of great use and guidance for the grand and satisfying job that is motherhood.”

Nicole Hernández

19 Años de Edad

Ejido Campodonico

Nicole is a young single mother who had to stop her studies to take care of her baby, but never quit dreaming of becoming a great psychologist. At the age of 18 she Heard about the educational programs the Y Griega Community Center offers, and she saw the opportunity to finish her studies.

Thanks to her parents’ support, she was able to complete her high school education.

“Today I can say that I have achieved a goal, the first step to achieve my dreams of being a psychologist so that my son feels proud of me when he grows up.” 

During her stay in high school, Nicole always showed an excellent attitude with great commitment and responsibility, obtaining an outstanding academic performance. Currently, Nicole is assessing college options and continuing to take steps that will lead her to meet her goals.

“I appreciate the opportunity that the Community Center gives us to continue our studies, and I invite all the people to fight for their dreams – to take the first step as I did. I hope my testimony serves all single mothers: know that with effort and dedication you can achieve great things”.

Amelia Iveth Flores Román

40 Años de Edad

Ejido Morelos

Amelia is a Baker in Ejido Morelos. In her shop she sells cakes, bread and desserts. She tells us that she feels very grateful for having had the opportunity to be one of the beneficiaries of La Y Griega Community Center and for having chosen the best option for training and discovering her skills.

Amelia has been trained in each class and based on effort, patience and perseverance have had the opportunity to improve her income. Through its sales it has maintained its stable economy, which allows it to invest in its business and support household expenses.

“I have achieved a better quality of life and it is satisfactory for me to be my own boss”. “Everyone in my family is dedicated to the bakery, and I am excited to tell everybody that it is no longer necessary to buy this product.

Amelia invites people to believe in themselves as she did to achieve her purpose. “We don´t have to depend on anyone, we have to fight for our dreams and we have the the way to do it at La Y Griega Community Center”.

Gabriel Navarro

20 Años de edad

Ejido Primero de Mayo (Campo 77)

Gabriel is a young man who came as a volunteer at the children’s summer camp offered in Valle del Yaqui Community Center. He has always liked to help people and especially children. He has an excellent relationship with them.

Gabriel tells us that for him, Valle del Yaqui Community Center is not just a place where people learn, but it is a place where families have opportunities to improve, through recreational activities, sports, computer courses and many others. In addition to the summer camps Gabriel has also participated in reading programs and currently as an exam applicator for the public high school: ISEA. His desire to excel and his commitment with Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. Have helped him win a university scholarship. This allows him to move towards the completion of his dream, which is becoming a great educator.

“The Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation has given me the opportunity to become a helpful person, to improve my community and with them I have managed to study the career that I like the most”.

Johana Herrera Terán

22 Años de Edad

Ejido Plutarco Elías Calles (La Y Griega)

Since Johana was a little girl, showed interest in making small garments, so she learned hand sewing. Seeing how dedicated she became, her mother gave her a sewing machine, to make her work easier. Johana didn´t know how to use this sewing machine so she decided to find a place to train herself and that is how she arrived at the La Y Griega Community Center.

At this time Johana is about to get a certificate in the Sewing specialty, which will give her the opportunity to improve her economy by constantly saving, because she makes her family clothes.

La Y Griega Community Center is an opportunities place for those who dream with a better future. Jahana said: “You can choose the class that you like the most while still being close to home”.

Johana was an outstanding student in this specialty because of her excellent style. Now she has the opportunity not only to make clothes but also to teach more people what she has learned during her participation.

Today she feels lucky to have completed the sewing specialty and appreciates the opportunities offered by the La Y Griga Community Center because through these courses good education and improvement of the family economy are supported.

Sandra, Luz, Graciela & Irasema

Sandra Sandoval, 38 años (Campo 77)

Luz Estela Valenzuela, 41 años (Campo 77)

Graciela Valdez, 67 años (Campo 77)

Irasema Espinoza, 44 años (San José  de Bacum)

Sandra, Luz, Graciela and Irasema arrived to the Yaqui Valley Community Center looking for new opportunities for their personal development taking different activities and developing new skills until they found their place in Clothing Making.

When Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. Foundation launched the Entrepreneurship Program “Proyéctate”, they saw the opportunity to start their own business and potentiate their skills. Now that they finished this training in a successfully way they are part of the “Soy Local” program, a sales platform that promotes their clothing.

Nowadays they feel very satisfied and proud because they have had the opportunity to make the most of the programs that the Community Center offers and to market products of higher quality. They efforts are rewarded in sales and in satisfactions like seeing that the Governor Claudia Pavlovich used one of her clothes.

 “Thanks to Don Pablo Bórquez and his whole family for their support and for the many benefits that they offer through the programs they have for us”.