Deed Delivery

Lot Delivery in Costa de Caborca
As part of our social commitment and community development, Fundación Bórquez delivered 400 lots for housing construction in the community of La Y Griega, municipality of Caborca ​​in the state of Sonora.

In the presence of the State’s Governor, municipal authorities, beneficiaries and the community in general, they witnessed a transcendental act. "It's a long-awaited dream, and today we watch it come true, thanks to the participation of many people and years of management", words expressed by Pablo Bórquez Almada, President of the Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation. He added: "This does not end here. We are already working to find and have the necessary support for construction credits", and invited the authorities to continue supporting the community.

This event was not just a formal act. Each of the beneficiaries was given his corresponding deed, totally free of encumbrance. Now the beneficiaries have the certainty of having a heritage.

The complex is an integral project where the driving force of social development is the Community Center that Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck operates in the community of Costa de Caborca. A project with a vision for the future with a high impact for the community.

Summer Camps


Itom Nawam, which in the Yaqui language means "Our Roots", represents the cultural space of the Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation, aimed precisely to the promotion of the preservation of the different cultural manifestations that have characterized our communities.
During the first week of november of each year, a series of events is organized, ranging from lectures, painting workshops, dance, music, ceramics, photographic exhibitions, gastronomic samples, and musical concerts, which have positioned the event as the annual cultural reference in the Yaqui Valley. The main venue of the event is the Community Center of the Foundation itself, in addition to alternate venues in schools of nearby communities. This has allowed to reach a greater approach and therefore acceptance of the event.
With events of this nature, Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck seeks to generate an integral development within the communities it serves, trying to generate it through a change, recognizing in people its initiative, hope, effort, generating opportunities and above all sensitive to their needs. This is how, in addition to enhancing their development and working and learning skills, they offer the possibility of growing up knowing and developing their sensitivity for our cultural roots.


The end of the school year holiday arrived, and with it the opportunity for spending time together, learning and having fun.... !!
Each year at the end of the school courses, Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck provides children and young people the opportunity to take part in its summer camps, where fun and coexistence are promoted, complemented with various training topics. This is with no doubt the opportunity to learn while playing.
The commitment to grow and provide year after year better options for the participants has led us to transport these events to other areas. This is how, from the year 2018, we were in charge of the recreational area of ​​the summer camp of the Center of Culture of the Yaqui Tribe in Potam, Sonora.
In their activities schedule, workshops and complementary actions aimed at inculcating an aspirational attitude prevail, leading the participants to learn a wider spectrum of the diverse opportunities to which they can access with dedication and effort. That is why, as part of the activities, visits to universities, work centers, sports stadiums, museums, libraries and everything that might arouse the interest of improvement are scheduled.


Sports represent in Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck one of its operational plans of action, and throughout the year, sporting activities are present in its fields and tracks with the most popular sports, either through its schools, or with the participation in leagues and tournaments, but always promoting sports as a training mean of competition and discipline.

These activities are culminated with two massive sporting events: "The Great Sports Olympiad” and the “Athletic Day". In both events the participation of the different school centers of the communities in which we impart our programs is promoted, and it even serves as a place where talent hunters from regional universities can come look for future talent, and the participants have the opportunity to aspire to a sports scholarship.

To give us a clearer idea of ​​what these jousts are, if we add the total participation, we would reach a population superior to the 2,500 athletes that come from the 50 communities that we impact with our programs in both Community Centers.

The jousts represent an organizational challenge, ranging from the promotion, logistics, transfer and competition. In this last matter, without a doubt, the participation of students and the teachers council of ITSON's degree in physical exercise, is what lets us endorse in a professional manner global trademarks and results, which makes us measure and evaluate results just after just, and this is the goal to beat in the next event.

Fundraising Events

Pasarela Pineda Covalín:
On October 8, 2014 in Cd. Obregón, the OI - 14 collection of the artists Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalín was presented in benefit of Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. In this successful event we managed to gather 23 sponsor companies and 700 people who generously cooperated with us. The artists donated 20% of the total sales of the event, obtaining a total profit of $251,719.85 MXN.

Interviews with God:
On Friday, November 7, 2014, the exhibition of the project "Interviews with God" by the artist Lilian Alonso Marín was held. This is a multidisciplinary project, in which the visual artist interviews a group of women of different ages, education, social status and beliefs, which through self-analysis and reflection, discover their full potential and reaffirm their very presonal motivations why they exist in life. The project concludes with an abstract painting of each woman, a documentary of all the interviews and photography. At the end of this exhibition in Cd. Obregón, one of her works was raffled in benefit of Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C., raising the amount of $9,460 MXN in tickets sold.

Singing for Help
In November 2015, Silvia Bours represented us at the biannual FESAC event "Singing for Help". Silvia, who in addition to having a beautiful voice, is a fashion designer; was awarded the recognition of the "Most Popular Singer", obtaining a prize of $12,500 MXN for our cause.

Exhibition of Work "Jesús Guerrero Santos"
With the intention of promoting the art made in México and the quality of our artists, on October 6, 2015 we presented the work of Mtro. Jesús Guerrero Santos at the Bórquez Schwarzbeck family’s home.
The event was highlighted by the perfection of its pieces 100% handmade by Mexican artisans but above all by the human quality of the artist and his family. Achieving the attendance of 300 people, the event was a success. The professor donated a piece of his collection that was raffled among the attendees, in addition to 25% of the sales of that event. The total gain of the event was $318,032.50 MXN.

Exhibition of Arthemiza's work
In the event held at the offices of Mr. Rogelio Baidón, the artist Silvia Ronquillo de Bours exhibited her work. This event took place during the month of November of the year 2014. 10% of the sales were generously donated by Mr. Baidón to Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. raising the amount of $18,000 MXN.

Sale of Wines 2014 and 2015
For two consecutive years we have carried out the annual sale of wines from the Mi Sueño Winery reserve in Napa Valley. Started in 1997 by Rolando and Lorena Herrera, Mi Sueño Winery was one of the first Mexican wineries owned in the Napa Valley. Only 3 years after launching his label, the White House of the United States asked them to serve their wine when Mexican President Vicente Fox attended a state dinner. This event allowed us to raise the amount of $210,286 MXN. We thank the support of Mi Sueño and the people who have contributed, allocating a part of their purchase to Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C.

Daniel Espinosa:
In order to generate diffusion and sustainability towards the work that the foundation does in its community centers, as well as to promote Mexican artists, on April 26, 2016 we presented the successful Designer Daniel Espinosa with his collection "Jewels and Art".
This event brought together more than 400 attendees from different parts of the state of Sonora, earning more than $900,000.00 MXN in sales and resulting in the significant sum of $ 413,860.00 MXN collected for donation.

Hugo Schwarzbeck:
The fundraising event "Voice Spray Graffiti and Street Art Exhibition" by renowned Urban Artist Hugo Schwarzbeck was held in benefit to the Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation A.C. and UNIFRAT. The artist under the signature "ASPIR" presented wonderful pieces of art in different artistic techniques that translates to a success in sales. More than 250 assistants and a total of $ 236,900 MXN were raised thanks to your support!

R. Matiella:
With the attendance of approximately 250 people and a successful fundraising result of $239,733.80 MXN, the exhibition and sale of author's jewelry from the R. Matiella house took place within the framework of a majestic recital by the piano master, the Mexican Héctor Cruz and the talented Polish violinist Erika Dobosiewics.
Within the event, the raffle of a unique piece, composed of gold, gray, white and pink pearls, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and tourmalines, with a value of $15,000 USD, was made. This was donated by the house.

Más Sabe el Diablo por Viejo:
A great success was the premiere of the film "Más Sabe el Diablo por Viejo" by Cajemense Director Pepe Bojórquez, which was presented on Wednesday, July 25th in benefit of Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. Around 220 people atended the event, parading through the red carpet and later enjoying this fun movie, which presentation achieved a full room.