Presidential Message

It is often confused and thought that the Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation was made to help collaborators of Campos Bórquez, but it is not the case. Campos Bórquez would not need a Foundation to support its collaborators because that is a responsibility that all entrepreneurs have. The Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation was created to support in an intelligent and efficient way all the rural communities of the Valleys where their collaborators live, and those of other businessmen who have believed in the Institution. This report is made in order to render accounts to all those people who have had the confidence to believe in this Foundation and to inspire the trust of other possible contributors.

We are living especially difficult times in Mexico nowadays. Violence and corruption, both governmental and social, have reached levels never experienced in the past. That can make us feel discouraged and skeptical that things will improve. However, I believe that, on the contrary, these moments are of greater responsibility because we are facing a real opportunity to act differently and to transcend in the lives of other people who have had fewer opportunities. They are moments to act with conviction and attached to the values that our parents and grandparents have inherited us, to walk right, to speak up. But raise your voice with facts, not words. We no longer want words without support or actions that obey hidden interests, this is to do the easy thing. We need coherent citizens and governors who are willing to listen to their conscience and do the right thing.

And so at the end of the day, it is clear to us that we can not choose the time in which we live but we can certainly choose opt to do during it. We will be the only ones who truly know if we did our best. We will be the only ones who will know if we had the courage to act differently, to raise our voices.

This report is dedicated to donors of the Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation, who have quietly raised their voices.

Thank you!

Pablo Bórquez Almada



Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck is a family-owned Civil Association founded in 2006 with the purpose of supporting the development of rural communities in the State of Sonora through spaces where workshops and conferences are offered, and public junior high and public high school are open, in order to provide essential tools for the creation of a better future. The foregoing arose from extensive research with experts in the area of ​​social support, both nationally and internationally, opting for community development as the way forward and for the Community Centers as the instrument to achieve it. It should be noted that the Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation counts on greater participation of entrepreneurs to address the problems of marginalization that the rural area of ​​the State of Sonora is experiencing. The Organization works permanently and proactively in improving the quality of life of rural communities where they operate in synergy with public, private and social institutions. In addition to being in a constant search for partnerships with local, state, national and international cooperation agencies, foundations and individuals whose objective is also to contribute to community development.


We are a professional, humane and effective organization that offers programs with a high real impact, promoting social cohesion, economic, physical and emotional development for the individual, familiar and social growth of the rural communities of the State of Sonora.


To achieve communities with initiative, hope, opportunities and sensitive to their needs to achieve integral development.


Personal Values:

Humility: Treating all people with dignity and respect.

Responsibility: Fulfilling all my obligations and commitments.

Honesty: Being as transparent as possible in the different roles that I perform.

Perseverance: Seeking to fulfill my goals and personal development in everything I do.

Respect: Treating each person with dignity.

Loyalty: Being there for the people around me in all kinds of circumstances.

Family: The #1 priority.


Organizational Values:

Leadership: Guiding my team work appropiately and in the right way.

Quality and Customer Service: Always providing quality attention and with respect to internal and external customers, as well as demonstrating the highest quality possible in every task in my work.

Communication: Using all the communication channels that are available so that the information arrives correctly.

Innovation: Always thinking about how things can be done better. Analising what we do not do but can replicate to improve.

Social responsability: Working with it always in mind: what I do, I do for my community.

Honesty: Being as transparent as possible with everyone I deal with and in every movement I do.

Alliances and affiliations

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora
  • Universidad de Sonora
  • Tecnológico de Monterrey
  • Instituto Tecnológico del Valle del Yaqui
  • Jurisdicción Sanitaria
  • Instituto Cajemense de la Mujer
  • Instituto Sonorense de la Mujer
  • Escudo Ciudadano  
  • CAPA
  • Centro de Cultura Yaqui Tribu Yaqui
  • ISEA
  • Williamsport
  • Tigres de Nuevo León
  • Club de Fútbol Cimarrones de Hermosillo

Strategic Lines of Action

In Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck A.C. we impart courses and programs that impact our strategic lines of action: 

  • Physical and Emotional Development: Promote physical and emotional development through prevention and guidance programs to achieve individual and family well-being.
  • Social Cohesion: Strengthen social cohesion through cultural and recreational activities with the community for their own empowerment.
  • Economic Development: Increase economic development through the generation of skills and abilities in people of the communities for their autonomy, self-sufficiency and personal satisfaction.
  • Institutional Strengthening: Strengthen the team work, professional, human, sensitive and aware of the needs and attributes of their community, through continuous improvement in order to achieve more and greater impact.

Physical and Emotional Development:

Preventive Programs

  • Prevention of Antisocial Behaviors
  • Pregnancy Prevention
  • Cancer Prevention Day
  • Blood typing
  • DIF – CIFA Conferences
  • Group Therapy
  • Nutritionist Service
  • Individual therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Woman Program
  • Itama
  • Citizen Shield
  • Recreational Programs
  • Crafts
  • Guitar
  • Piñata Elaboration Workshop
  • Storytelling
  • Composition
  • Painting on Fabric
  • Dance
  • Painting
  • Grandparents Readers
  • Summer Camp
  • Sports Programs
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Artistic Gymnastics
  • Athletics
  • Volleyball 
  • Social cohesion:
  • Workshops closure
  • Athletic Day
  • Great Olympiad
  • Mother’s day
  • Children’s Day
  • Altars Competition

Economic development:

  • Educational programs
  • Training for Work
  • Open elementary school
  • Open Junior High
  • Open high school
  • Technological Literacy 
  • Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Proyéctate
  • Soy Local 
  • Institutional strengthening:
  • Fundraising Events
  • Resources and Supports
  • Sponsorships
  • Alliances








  • KN Materiales SA de CV
  • Agropecuaria GABO SA de CV
  • Seguros Bórquez y Ceballos
  • Campo Pablo Bórquez SA de CV
  • Notaría Pública #18 Gabriel Alfaro Rivera
  • Rogelio Baidón Olvera
  • Proyectos y Construcciones Alher
  • Nicolás Olea Osuna
  • La Cullita
  • Melo  Almada SA de CV
  • ADM Bioproductos SA de CV
  • Juan Salvador Robinson Bours Martínez
  • Cinépolis
  • Roma Sound
  • La Playa Bar
  • Cristal INUKAI
  • Agropecuaria Juan Diego
  • GFI
  • Ford
  • Claudia Ozua
  • Pepsi
  • Muro Block
  • Gustavo Luders RB
  • Bon Vivant
  • Invermérica
  • Bulli Burger
  • Topipan
  • La Viña Restaurante
  • Galería Cuarto Infinito
  • CPC
  • Victoria Sánchez Salón
  • Samantha Diseño Gráfico
  • Lilián Alonso Marín
  • Danzart
  • Acuícola Santa Inés
  • Plin Industrial
  • Club Campestre
  • Deportes y Novedades
  • Centra del Uniformes
  • Chulas
  • Tractogarícola
  • Soluciones con Tecnología
  • Fertilizantes Tepeyac
  • Eventos DB
  • Alfonso R. Bours
  • Mtro. Jesús Guerrero Santos
  • Pinturas OSEL
  • Aquafim
  • Los Copionsitos
  • Jesús Durán
  • Sales del Valle
  • Susana Serrano
  • Imprenta El Águila
  • ManuelAceves – Diseño Gráfico
  • Entre lo dulce y lo salado – Mónica Torres
  • Tabú
  • Armando Esquer Mardueño
  • Don Javier Robinson Bours Almada
  • Fam. Pineda Bours
  • Lorena Islas
  • Elsa Maria Aguilar
  • Angelita Corral
  • Liz Leyva – Diseño Gráfico
  • Luis Bórquez
  • Mochomos
  • Gustavo Valenzuela
  • Sabores
  • ICSA
  • Arthemiza Art Gallery