Woman Program

In Fundación Bórquez Schwarzbeck we promote the integral development of families, that is why our efforts are directed to develop programs that impact in an integral way each member of them. We have worked in the Women Program, which aims to: Promote the development and improvement of women, in order to contribute to the creation of a stable family and profesional life, which allows them to improve their environment.

Within the activities of the Women Program, we have held talks aimed for the migrant collaborators in Campos Bórquez and the community in general, where topics such as prevention of violence, healthy self-esteem, health and well-being of women, as well as the promotion of habit are addressed, as well as the nourishing of Reading habits, programming workshops and clubs that help this purpose.

At the Bórquez Schwarzbeck Foundation we are interested in promoting the empowerment of women, their human development and in the practice of family values focused on life projects.

Project Yourself

For Borquez Schwarzbeck Foundation, entrepreneurship programs have a special importance, since they represent a platform in which work is focused on fostering a different culture in the generation of economic income, and therefore, a change in behavior. This is all with the purpose of offering better life quality for people in the communities we attend, which is our main objective.

It is a fact that a large number of people in our communities aspire to better life standards, and one way to achieve this is having an integral work culture. Therefore, Project Yourself aims to develop in people their entrepreneurial spirit, offering them a professional-integral training which is comprehensive for the potential development of their capabilities, and the generation of their own source of work. The axis supports growth, training and innovation as a basis in the quality of its products and services, which represent a serious and attractive alternative to the markets they serve.

We currently work with 32 entrepreneurs in different economic activities. Our goal is ambitious, so the updating and research in market needs is constantly oriented to productive and demanded activities.

I am Local

I am Local has been created as a complement to Project Yourself. This program represents the platform that is responsible for the design of the promotion strategies, advertising distribution and sale of products that result from the entrepreneurship training that Project Yourself offers. I am Local closes the production, sale and income cycle, and thus allows a greater market reach and a better product projection, considerably increasing sales for our enterpreneurs.